Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Term Overview

Welcome back Room 17!
I hope you enjoyed your school holidays and I can’t wait to hear about your exciting adventures.
Can you believe we are already in Term 4? This year has gone by so quickly. Although we have many exciting things happening this term it is important that we maintain our regular routines and ensure we are always trying our best.

A quick glimpse at Term 4:

·         Humphrey’s Dance
This term, students will be participating in Humphrey’s Dance lessons. This is a fun program for all students and is part of our school’s Physical Education program. It is important that all students participate as it is a part of the Western Australia Curriculum.
Room 17’s dance sessions will be with Room 8 at 9:40am-10:40am every Tuesday.

·         Swimming
Room 17’s swimming lessons will take place in Weeks 7-8 between 11:40am-1:20pm.

·         Motivational Work (Homework)
This term, I will continue to give students their Motivational Work in class. I will also upload it to the blog in case students misplace their Motivational Work. It is an expectation that students complete their Motivational Work each week as it is a revision of important concepts taught in class. If there are any issues regarding Motivational Work, please don’t hesitate to arrange a time to discuss your concerns.

·         Goal Setting
Please make sure that each week you are monitoring your classroom, learning and personal goals. If you think you have demonstrated your goal, don’t forget to come and show me so that I can sticker your goal chart. Remember, if you can demonstrate your goal 5 times, you have mastered your goal! 

·         Super Scientist Presentations
This term, our Super Scientist task is in the form of a presentation about a Science topic (it is not an experiment). Students can present their Science topic in a range of ways. Some of which could include:
- PowerPoint slide show
- Poster
- Diorama
There will be some opportunities to work on these presentations in class, however, we have a very busy term so students are encouraged to work on these at home as part of their Motivational Work. 
Learning Area Overviews

·         Literacy
This term in Literacy we have a focus on poetry, narratives and persuasive writing. We will also be further exploring roots/Latin words within our word study activities. Towards the end of term, we will have a NAPLAN focus to prepare students for Year 5 NAPLAN.

·         Numeracy
This term in Numeracy we will be learning more about decimals, 24-hour time and solving word problems using the Bar Model. We will also have a NAPLAN focus half way through the term to prepare students for Year 5 NAPLAN.

·         Geography
In Geography this term, we will be learning about the top geographical features of Africa and South America in comparison to Australia.

·         Science
In Science, we will be exploring changes to the Earth’s surface over time. This unit will include learning about weathering and erosion, natural disasters and the Triassic-Jurassic stages.

·         Health
This term in Health we have a focus on protective behaviours. Students will learn about strategies to use in safe and unsafe situations.

·         Information, Communication & Technology (ICT)
In ICT this term, there will be a focus on using Microsoft Word to create, publish and save a range of documents. Students will learn how to create and manipulate images as well as learning a repertoire of technology problem solving skills.

- Miss Anderson

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Term 3 Updates

Book Week 

The students look fantastic in their Book Week costumes!
Thank you :-) 

SciTech Excursion
 Aaliyah at SciTech
 Natalia, Trinity and Luca using the digital microscope to inspect leaves. 
 Cohen, Alphons and Jonathan using the digital microscope to inspect maggots and worms. 
 Mia, Raiba and Oliver using the digital microscope to inspect flowers. 
 Students from Room 17, 25 and 26 enjoying their free time at SciTech.
 Jaiden and Alphons using the force during their free time at SciTech
 Students from Room 17 trying to avoid the lasers!
Layla, Lana, Mia, Mevindu and Jaiden getting excited for the planetarium show! 

Monday, 28 May 2018

Super Scientist Presentations Day 2

Super Scientist Challenge
Day 2
Science has hit off with another BOOM! Today was our second day of Super Scientist presentations. Our last lot of presentations will take place over Tuesday and Wednesday this week. 

We saw a range of exciting and interesting Science experiments! They included:  
·        Paper gliders 
·        Fireworks in jar
·        Floating eggs and play doh 
·        Instant snow
·        Blobs in a bottle

Well done to Blake, Natalia, Unisa, Brooklyn, Mia and Arisha for presenting their Super Scientist challenge today!

Assembly Update

Important Assembly Update

Friday, 25 May 2018

Term 2 Updates


This week, students started their STEM projects. We had a fantastic day exploring:

·        The history of playgrounds

·        How playgrounds have changed over time, since 1859!

·        The different types of play equipment

·        The range of materials used and design features

We will now use our new and prior knowledge of play equipment to start planning our own STEM project. The aim is to commence building models of our playgrounds over Week 5 and 6. 
Stay tuned!

Science has hit off with a BOOM! This term as we have just commenced our Super Scientist presentations. What a fantastic and interesting start to the challenge.

Today we witnessed and learned about the scientific methods and forces of:
·        Lava lamps
·        Inflating balloons
·        Exploding balloons
·        Invisible ink
·        Density towers

Well done to Raiba, Steve, Amelia, Tane, Luca, Aaliyah for presenting their Super Scientist challenge today!


I just wanted to congratulate Room 17 and 25 for the amazing effort they are putting into practising our assembly item. You are doing a wonderful job! I can’t believe our assembly is only a week away!

Term 1 100% Attendance

Congratulations to the students who had 100% attendance over Term 1! You have demonstrated a huge commitment to your learning. Keep up the amazing work! You’re superstars!

Literacy Pro
Congratulations to everyone who has made a fantastic start to Literacy Pro 2018. This is a wonderful program to help promote and encourage reading within the school. The students have all completed their second online test and now have their current Lexile Level. Please encourage your child to read and complete quizzes regularly at home. 

Our Term 2 Literacy Pro/Reading Goals:
·        All students on their Blue Certificate
·        Reach 3 million in our word count
·        Read at least 2 books per week

Here are our current results:

Average Quiz Score:              83% (Term 1) - 85% (Term 2- Week 4)
Number of Quizzes Taken:    100 (Term 1) - 326 (Term 2- Week 4)
Number of Words Read:        537,157 (Term 1) – 1,691,029 (Term 2- Week 4)

Congratulations to Mevindu and Steve who both have read over 500,000 words. How AMAZING! Thomas has almost reached the 100,000 words read as well! 

Keep up the incredible reading Room 17! You're all champions.

- Miss Anderson 

Term Overview

Hi Room 17!
As you know, we have had a very busy start to Term 2!
This term, some of the concepts we are covering are:

·      Persuasive writing
·      Narrative writing  
·      Poetry writing 
·      Angles
·      Fractions
·      Multi-step word problems
·      Number & algebra
·      Physical Science
Types of forces
·      Early explorers
Captain James Cook 
·      Resilience

There will also be a focus on Design & Technology and STEM.

Motivational Work:
Please remember that Motivational Work is given each Monday and is due the following Monday.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Anderson

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Super Scientist

Term 2 Super Scientist Challenge

Image result for scientist clipart

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We will be carrying out a ‘Science Superstar’ challenge this term. All students from Year 1 – 6 are to research and deliver an investigation/presentation based on any Science concept. There are plenty of ideas for quick experiments on the internet and in Science books. Please let me know asap if you do not have any ideas. 

When determining the winner, we are not just looking at students who have a visually ‘cool’ science experiment, although that can be one factor. 
We are trying to find those students who:
  • Clearly understand the science behind their experiment and can explain it clearly and in some detail – perhaps they include some additional background information
  • Make a real attempt to engage the audience and display some enthusiasm/energy
  •  Have obviously put in a lot of thought and effort into their presentation

The presentations will be held during weeks 4 and 5, in order to give us time to choose our finalists. Please see the timetable below. The finals will be held in the last week of term in the undercover area. All students must have the resources ready for the experiment. If there is anything you require, please let me know so I can try to arrange the relevant resources.

To be considered as a potential year level winner, each presentation must come in under six minutes.
  •  It helps students to deepen their understanding of fundamental science concepts.
  • It gives students an authentic purpose for learning the science concepts you are teaching.
  • It is engaging – the students really enjoy the process and it raises the profile of science.
  •  It allows teachers the opportunity to gauge students’ conceptual understandings and oral language skills.

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck. 
- Miss Anderson

Students were informed about the Super Scientist challenge at the beginning of Week 3. Our Science presentations will commence this week, on Friday 25th May. Presentations will continue over Week 5 as well.